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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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B.    PTg£res^

During FY 1984» the Department;

o funded model demonstration projects for the Integration of severely
handicapped children Into settings with less- and non-handicapped
persons; for de1nst1tut1ona!1zat1on$ for Improvement of dally living
skills; and for development of vocational training 1n technological
skill areas.

o provided guidance and other services to parents of severely handi-
capped children.

o made awards to develop Innovative techniques for early identification
of children who may need special education services due to the
severity of their handicapping condition.

C.    Costs, Benefits, and Effectiveness

Students Served: Approximately 4,700 youngsters are served in demonstra-
tion projects.

Effectiveness: There are no current, effectiveness data about these pro-
jects. The department will summarize, in FY 1986, information currently
being collected on the program.

D.    Plans for Program Improvement and Recommendations for Legislation
No recommendations for legislative change.

E.    Supporting Study and Analyses Cited in Section C Above:

F.    Other Supporting Data:


No studies of this program are currently in progress.

Contacts for Further Information

Program Operations:    Charles Freeman, (202) 732-1165

Program Studies:    Eugene Tucker, (202) 245-8364


1. No funds were authorized separately for this program. Funding was
provided based on the amounts authorized for other Part C activities
related to Section 624 activities. 1984, the Department continued the same priorities established for